Warehousing & Distribution

At Shetler Moving & Storage, we turn asset management and asset tracking into a strength, rather than an expense, of doing business.

As an Atlas agent, Shetler Moving & Storage has access to warehouses located throughout the U.S. and Canada. This robust network includes more than 650 facilities, totaling 18 million square feet, that are inspected annually for quality and customer service. Whether you need help with inspections, cataloging, storing or delivering assets, our approach maximizes cost savings through improved efficiencies, increased productivity and sound reporting capabilities.

Secure Solutions

All of our warehouse facilities feature temperature control, restricted access, fire suppression and video surveillance.

Managing Your Inventory

Most often, organizations purchase new assets when they already have usable assets in storage or simply not being used. This occurs as a result of not having centralized control of these assets, no consolidated inventory of excess assets and no ability to make the entire organization aware of surplus goods.

With the help of mobile data collection devices, warehouse staff can track inventory and activity for their customers. Utilizing this innovative technology provides our customers with:

Less paperwork

Current, accurate inventory listings available 24/7 online

Digital imaging

Timely reports

Work order placement and reports on demand

Barcode tracking and accuracy

Customer data collection profiles