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Transitioning from one place to another requires a lot of steps and involves numerous moving parts at the same time. Getting all these parts in line can make relocating stressful… that is, unless you use a reputable commercial moving company in Louisville. Shetler Moving & Storage has provided moving services in Louisville since 1899 and has built an impressive reputation during that time. And as part of the Atlas agent network, our reputation is backed by a solid foundation to ensure we can meet your needs, no matter where your move takes you.

Need A Commercial Moving Company in Louisville For A Domestic Move?

Shetler Moving & Storage isn’t just another commercial moving company in Louisville. For any domestic move, we take the time to understand your needs, your requirements and expectations beforehand. We then offer solutions for making your domestic move as seamless as possible, which includes taking all possibilities into consideration. Domestic moves can be challenging for anyone, but not with our professional Louisville commercial movers leading the way.

Some Louisville Commercial Movers Are Limited

When searching for Louisville commercial movers, you have to know their limitations. One of the common limitations is the distance associated with your move. When you use Shetler Moving & Storage, you aren’t limited with where you can go. Whether you need to relocate across the city, to a different state or even across the world, our Louisville commercial movers can get you there. And with our extensive options and solutions for moving, logistics and storage, you will get exactly what you need from our services.

When you need a trusted commercial moving company in Louisville, think of Shetler Moving & Storage. If you have any questions about how we can help you with your domestic or international move, be sure to contact us.


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