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Shetler Moving & Storage is widely regarded as one of the top Evansville commercial movers for various reasons. We’ve been in business since 1899, are part of the Atlas agent network and can move you anywhere in the country and across the world. We aren’t your standard commercial moving company in Evansville, because we not only want to move your belongings and furniture safely and efficiently, but we also want to help maximize your free time throughout the move. In this regard, we let your requirements set our standards.

Domestic or International Evansville Commercial Movers

Some Evansville commercial movers are only equipped for moving customers a short distance away. But with our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines, we are able to handle an International move just as easily as a domestic move. The resources we offer are virtually limitless, so no move is too far or too large for us to handle. With the trusted global partnerships we have in place, you can be confident knowing you’ll get the same service and satisfaction no matter where you’re moving.

Rely on A Commercial Moving Company in Evansville

Using different moving services can be tricky, because you want to ensure you are protected throughout the move. Shetler Moving & Storage starts by understanding your goals and requirements, then building on them. As your trusted commercial moving company in Evansville, we keep you informed and updated on the status of your move every step of the way. We will go out of our way to ensure satisfaction, whether it’s from a moving standpoint, logistics or storage.

Shetler Moving & Storage is relied upon by customers worldwide for moving, logistics and storage services. Be sure to contact us to see how we can be your trusted commercial moving company in Evansville as well.


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